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USSR artist

I made very different things in my life. When anybody ask me, what am I, I answer: "I'm everything!".
I am an artist from USSR. Artist... What did it mean in USSR? Only Union of Artists USSR member. Who must paint pictures about great and the best in the world communists party and USSR govement. Free artists were out of law - they "did not work", so must go to prison! But it was a possibility to be free. Soviet artists worked as the street-cleaners (job - 2 hours/day), night security in places, where they may sleep, etc. They had that stamp for law about employment and time to paint! So worked I too... And I did not work in summer - it was alowed to be unemployer about 6 monthes. Of course, it was not good for your oldage pension. But have a look on our russian pensions! $100-200/month!  :-c
And I was free in summers! I lived in a country, in a forest, in a temp near the sea. And I travelled! May be I'll wright a book about that life. And I alredy have paint about few handreds pictures about it. It's a pity - most of them were selled and went to different places of the Earth... So - sorry, I do'nt sell my pictures now. Low prices, you know...And to have a looke - You are welcome!

Painting: landscape. Pictures. Natalia Gavrilova, USSR artist   Painting: still life. Pictures. Natalia Gavrilova, USSR artist   Photo. Natalia Gavriova, USSR artist

Painting:  landscape. Pictures

Painting: still life. Pictures


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