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Very old art: real papirus from Egypt  

Very old painting. Photo from Queen Hatshepsut's House

Old art is alive in Egypt: this is real papirus!


Very old painting (or letters?).
I think, this beard is Sirin!

Egypt, Luksor. Karnak Temple. Photograph  

Karnak Temple. Old astronom's laboratory. Photo


The boats "felukas" on Nile. Luksor Photograph, Egypt


Egypt, Luksor. Queen Hatshepsut's House. Photo

Egypt, Luksor. Karnak Temple


Karnak Temple.
Old astronom's laboratory


The boats "felukas" on Nile.
Luksor Photo


Egypt, Luksor.
Queen Hatshepsut's House

North Egypt. Alexandria. Mechet. Photograph  

Nile. Photograph from the boat

  North Egypt. Alexandria. Fort. Photo

North Egypt.
Alexandria. Mechet


Photograph from boat


North Egypt.
Alexandria. Fort

Red Sea

Red Sea

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